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This is from imdb explaining why Babydoll killed her sister.
Baby Doll shot and killed her sister accidentally. An indication of this is the pipe behind where Baby Doll's sister was standing was shown that it got hit by the bullet. Baby Doll fired the gun at her step father, she missed and hit her sister instead. She rushes over to her dead sister and we see her blood on Baby Doll's hand. Baby Doll is shocked, traumatized and she couldn't handle the guilt so she fled. There is also a conversation between Rocket and Baby Doll where she asks Baby Doll if she "has ever said or done anything she regretted and wished if she could take it back." Baby Doll replied to this and said "All the time." Baby Doll is obviously referring to her sister's accidental death. At the climax of the movie, we see flashbacks of the beginning where Baby Doll's sister died, which is why the operation was the fifth mystery item. It set her free from the guilt and was also a deep sacrifice to help Sweet Pea escape. The "perfect victory."

Well, analyzing the scene: Baby Doll escapes from the window at the same time he opens up the “closet” where her sister is hidden. Maybe, because her stepfather locks her at the same time her sister runs away, so everything happens in parallel. She’s outside the mansion. It’s supposed to be a mansion, I guess. So, until she enter the mansion, search for a gun and go there, would be enough time to her stepfather kill the sister, somehow. When she shots, it hits a lamp and a gas tube. Her sister would be down, in the floor. How could the bullet go up and down? Unless it was “folded” by something, it is impossible. Here is a print screen, where you can see the lamp and the tube:

I’ll leave you guys make your personal judgement. It’s great to pull that kind of subject off, though.

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okay i feel dumb but, whats a brothel?

At least you know what is Google? Because I’m starting to think that you’re joking with me, I’m sorry.

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No. The stepfather killed her sister, you can see because her shot ends up in the tube thing-y. That's why that whole scene was planted together that way. Too lazy to elaborate; but that makes Babydoll completely weak and nixes the entire story even if it would have been accidental. By the time she arrived, her sister was already dead. If she had shot her, the bullet hole would have been further down. Also, the light wouldn't have been hit. And the thing did explode over her, but it was just small glass pieces and she didn't get electrocuted because her head was bleeding.

Yes, it looked like she shot her, cause when she came up, her sister was bleeding. My fault.

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Umm I remember her step father killing her sister...? Unless I am mistaken.

No, she killed her sister. At first, he was going to kill both, but Baby Doll picked a gun. In self defense, she was going to shoot the stepfather but she missed and killed her sister. This whole scene is right here.

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It's really not that difficult to understand. The asylum is the "real world", the brothel is her dream world and the action scenes are further imaginative worlds which coincide with what ever plan they're executing. She actually tried to escape the asylum, they make it pretty clear at the end when they mention that she started a fire and stabbed one of the orderlies. You're taking something that's really not all that complicated and trying to make it seem like this brilliant idea that people can't follow. Sucker Punch is not Inception.

Ok, look, there are 3 layers. 3 layers inside the whole movie. First layer: the reality. She was taken to Lennox House because she killed her sister. 5 days later, the doctor comes to make the lobotomy. In these 5 days, she planned her escape with her friends, but wouldn’t be the movie so exciting if it was told normally, would it? Then comes the second layer. The brothel. All the characters are the same, in different ways in the brothel. Her dance and what happens while she dances are part of the third layer. Is a really deep place into her mind that she reaches while she dances. The last 2 layers are into her mind only. The second is the mirror of the first. Don’t compare both movies, they are pretty much different. I used “layers” because Zack Snyder used the same thought in this interview. (the article and the subtitles are in Portuguese) In Sucker Punch, we see the reality, the “mirror dream” and the unreal. That’s it.

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I dont see how you think some scenes are dreams. She's in a mental hospital she is more likely imagining an alternate reality to escape the mental hospital.

Her dreams comes in her mind as flashes while the doctor does the lobotomy. But her dreams are the true, which means she really tried to escape Lennox House. Remember “Reality is a prison; Your mind can set you free”? Still, the brothel isn’t real, Lennox House is.

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In regards to that last question
I think the brothel was something Baby made up in her mind to make her horrible situation more bearable. She replaced the ugly with pretty. She's trying to escape the world she's in. Her "dance" is described as gyrating, which is what would happen to a patient in shock therapy, which they mention giving her repeatedly. On those occasions, she slips deeper into her mind to escape. Though she does this knowingly to escape the troubles she was trying to avoid that start surfacing in her made up world.
In the end, she is safe in her mind, in her slightly better world, unaware of her actual fate. But aware that she helped someone, so she's happier.

Yes, basically, that’s it.

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Which place is real; the asylum or the bar/club thing?

Probably the mental hospital. I have this personal theory that the brothel where they are is the reality, but as a dream inside Baby Doll’s head. You see, Madam Gorski was the therapist, but in the dream, she was the dance teacher. Blue was the supervisor of Lennox House, while in the dream, he was the supervisor of the brothel. The only thing is the end, like “what happened to Baby Doll?”, but if you could see the removed scene (at the Blu-Ray version), she was with High Roller, in the brothel, which means she surrendered to him. (you can see that in the mental house, when the doctor makes the lobotomy, is a alternative reality, so what happens in mental house, happens in brothel and vice versa)

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what was it about sukcer punch to you that made you love it so much? :)

At first, I thought that was something different that everything Snyder has ever done. He’s an amazing director and his jobs become differently in every movie. When I first saw Sucker Punch, wasn’t so hard to understand the storyline and that everything, besides it’s a dream, it’s actually the reality told differently. The personalities of the girls represent something special for me, tho. They have so much in differences and they become friends easily. The end is not like “omg, so unexpected”, but is a life-lesson too, that sometimes, we’re not the protagonists of the story. It isn’t my favorite movie, however, I love so much watching it and everytime I do, I love it more. :-)

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